Engineering Solutions

IGNITE can offer a comprehensive range of technical solutions form control system design, Engineering Integration, installation , commissioning for compete Automation systems
IGNITE mission is to enhance the profitability of our customer business by providing top quality products and services that add value to their operation and enhance the Return on Investment

Technical Services

IGNITE is providing the market with the necessary Technical Services, starting from Consultation, site assessment, till the troubleshooting as well as maintenance activities for Automation and Electrical systems.

Class room as well as on-site Training courses is available for Automation systems by our own Experts

Electrification ,Control System and Light Current Services

IGNITE has dedicated staff for Electrical ,Control System installation as well as light current systems including:

-Cable/Cable trays Laying/termination.

-Lighting / Earthing Installation.

-Light Current installation.

-Electrical Panels (Distribution boards, MCC’s) Installation.

-BMS / Sub systems including (Fire Alarm , CCTV)


IGNITE experts provide the market with the solutions and services to combine the most advanced technologies to creat effective and reliable processes by supporting digital transformation

Our team create the digital thread to overcome silos and gain a competitive data-driven advantage to optimize our customers processes

"The right information to the right person at the right time in the right place"

We help our customers with:

-.Data analysis and consulting

-Industrial internet of things 

-Predictive Analytics 

-Energy Managment

Electrical/Control Panels Assembly

IGNITE has its own facility for low voltage panels , Distribution Boards as well as control panels assembly.